Synchronicity Shinju Tenshi (2011) DVDRip [Mediafire]

One afternoon, Ai the pianist was going to water the garden. Far from the sky, "something" is dropping to her mind's eye. At the same time, office worker, Yu, and high school student, Kei who all live separately got haunted by same sensation and they faint and fall. Three of them wake up as nothing has happened, but they all got haunted by "peculiar feeling". Up to that time, little and subtle things which they have not paid attention become something meaningful. "Something is calling me." Day by day, the "peculiar feeling" grew and became unavoidable and they are getting isolated.

Parents of Ai get puzzled by Ai's behavior which seems that Ai is avoiding her parents. Yu's girlfriend also can not lessen her anxiety because of Yu's isolation. Even carefree Kei's mother concerns much about Kei who acts differently. They are just bewildered by the beloved one's isolation. They can not offer help.

Later, Ai, Yu, and Kei's "thoughts" synchronize. They see same image, hear same melody, and mumble same words. When their "thoughts" exceed reality, they all encounter at the "promised place" suddenly. They are connected by "loneliness". With bliss, they abandon "reality". And "reality" easily forgets about them and it drifts to "another reality"

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can u please upload a English .srt file?
i couldn't search it neither on subscene nor anywhere on the web..thanks

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