Babysitters Beware (2009) DVDRip [mediafire]

Seven-year-old Danny Parker is a good kid who loves his parents. But they have to go out on business dinners all the time, leaving him stuck with a sitter. It's not so bad when it's his favorite babysitter, Janelle but he also gets stuck with sitters like Ms. Greene who won't let him have any fun. Danny just wants to spend more time with his Mom and Dad. Danny's best friend Marco tells him about "The No-Sit List"--the list of kids so bad that no babysitters will take them. When Danny gets lucky and drives off Ms Greene, his dad finally takes time off to play baseball with him. Encouraged, Danny decides to be the worst kid ever--at least to sitters. After all, it's for his family. But to get on the list, good kid Danny is going have to learn to be bad. Danny and Marco see bully Snook--the best worst kid they know--for lessons in how to be bad. With Snook's help, Danny quickly drives off most of his sitters. Until he winds up with The Guard--a prison guard-turned babysitter who will sit for any kid no matter how bad. Can Danny drive him off? As Danny gets better at driving off his sitters, his bad behavior starts affecting his family and friends too. When he finds himself in trouble and stuck with the one babysitter even worse than The Guard--and the last one he has to drive off. Will Danny go back to being a good kid, or will he make it onto THE NO-SIT LIST.

Babysitters Beware

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