He five persons stuck in the elevator are at first tortured by the monotonous music, on the building muzak system, of "Don't sit under the Apple Tree"! That almost drives one of them Vince the salesman off his rocker to the point where he becomes a danger to everyone on the trapped elevator. It's later that Vince gets killed in a freak accident by a flying piece of broken glass that slashes his jugular vein as if it knew, or was directed by someone, what it was aiming at. It's also found out that Vince, by checking his background, was a con artist who cheated hundreds of people out of their life savings. One by one the remaining people stuck in the haunted elevator end up getting theirs in what they did in the past as if all this was pre arranged to happen to them in advance. The old lady who's an uncontrollable kleptomaniac the young woman Sarah who's involved in trying to take over her husbands,the president of a security firm, business as well as the building security guard Ben with a long and violent criminal record who works for Sarah's husbands firm. All those stuck on the elevator end up getting theirs for what they did in the past to others that they dealt with.


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